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Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

Whats happened on our curriculum?

?K13 or KTSP
Which one do you lean on, K13 or KTSP? Both of them has several consideration on applying the curriculum in academic purpose. Nowdays, our country is being confused by the alteration of two different academic orientations. Most people argued that K13 has more detail assessment in learning, otherwise KTSP has simpler and unintricate assessment. Eventhough, each of them has their own weaknesses and strengthnesses. Nevertheless, good or bad is not being discussed as arguing them. The unconsistency may be a better thing to reveal.
Amid the contentment of applying KTSP during 6 years long, a newer rival is coming to expel the stable curriculum. It is trained for several reasons on reforming the previous one. It seem reasonable, indeed. Though, the government considered their decision will come new impact and huge expense. It is K13, who come with some complicated assessment for nonexpert educators. Previously, they argued on positive and negative reasons, but they were pushed to do that in any conditions. Eventually, the unsincere feels emerge when doing the duty.
Hence, the training of new curriculum was found in all sample schools all over the city. The government has hard willing to apply and convince to be well applied then. The charge is fully covered for approaching good result. When the curriculum is being changed, all things related to the academic’s necessary would be changed too. Can you imagine how much the cost is. Well, we have no responsibility flustering it. But, it is kind of making useless whether it will be supposed to inexact curriculum at backward. At last, the bad estimation is happened, KTSP is regarded better.
As the fool decision of government, the society twit and convey what being happened. Their objections, pleasure, and pain have been assembled. In one side, they agree on changing with some reasons. On other side, they express the pain on the unconsistency of deciding the curriculum. It is normally occured in democratic country. And it is definitely damaged for the educators who become the subject of learning. All feelings are blended.
Furthermore, seeing that case, actually we able to be a good mediator of it. The weaknesses of KTSP could be covered by the strenghtness of K13 or oppositely. If we observed, K13 has good system on inputing the data of assessment, then in KTSP is none. Otherwise, KTSP has simpler assessment on students’ learning activity, then in K13 is none. All in all,  adopting the inputing system  of K13 on curriculum of KTSP is becoming a better mediated conclusion.      

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