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Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013


Dear reader,

Are you fond of reading some stories? Every one has various reasons to express that she/he adores several kinds of stories which can change their moods in various condition. Sometime, some people do not like romance, controversial, clashing, or religiousness as well. But most people hardly dislike with a story whose element of hilarity or humor. It is regarded as the strongest tool to catch a wide smile behind the gloomy moods. As for me, I can not get away to read an amusing story. But I also can not skip all aspects of life above. I love a religious novels spiced with a little humor and others and involving loving story, perhaps it is caused by a green age. How about you?
Along a student’s rush on fifth level commonly, I interrupted to crash down  my finger, brain, and feeling to attain the light at the end of the tunnel. In this novel, I will mix up those kinds of stories above tend to a boy’s life story which have caught my inspiration to write it down. And I bet you will be attracted to my first writing which pull up from the massive motivation story inspired by a wise word “MAN JADDA WA JADA
Keep your attentions to get the catchy feely story bellow, won’t you?


Echa Mank Axis

                                                                             VEGETABLE GUY

Walked in the morning smog twirling around the air, while Monday vehicles crawling along the road at high speed,  stopped her steps waiting for the crowd being passed at the border of  the road, Marry stared her eyes blur-opened at the dark blue coat guy driving the worst motorcycle among other vehicles she saw, and an old woman sitting on a bunch of  vegetables tightly held the guy’s coat.  Seemed, he was in hurry and forced his motorcycle to shot past after the vehicles front him.
          Marry stood still with  feeling of compassion on her face, and was shocked by a tapping hand on her shoulder.
“ Marry, what the hell are you looking at?
“come on, the vehicles have passed at all and we are almost being late.” A girl beside her muttered.
          That was a Monday morning which greatly caught the deepest feel of a curious girl. Marry would never  waste the sight she saw this morning, it was drawn on her face which being dazed and apprehensive.
          Seated in the corner chair at the class, leaning back with her un thrilled eyes, Marry opened today’s material slowly. Further, she was awakened by a thundering sound of a man at the head of the class shouted “ life is difficult, and we should prepare for our futures by setting realistic goals. And the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
          Marry could hardly think that she was sitting on the wrong class, in which it was next to her class that should be entered. Shamefully, she directly moved on and tried to open the door-handle of the class.
“Close the door outside please!” a lecturer tensely instructed at the middle of  a lecture.
She smiled, her eyes misting and answered “yes sir.”
Nobody wanted to be expelled from the class. Nothing and nobody could be blamed on that situation, Marry thought it was her fault at all and she’d been more aware in that time that being late was the worst thing she ever done.
Marry shrugged, trying not to look too frustrated, she seated on the floor beside her class’ slammed door. Waiting the class ended, a book she held was being her pouring thing to read. A couple minute later, she paused her reading for a moment, stared at a dark blue coat guy going out of the class.
“Is that guy selling the vegetables in this campus?” her mind said.
She hadn’t continued reading while she’d been thinking about the guy whom she saw on the road this morning. There probably had been a frown line etched on her face.
Marry went along the guy walking down the stair hurriedly to the parking area at the head of the building. The guy glanced over the girl behind him, but he just ignored and continued his step further to the dull motorcycle. Marry stood still at the top of down stair and pursed her lips, “Who’s he, what’s he doing over here?”
Considering the situation, she merely decided to walk back to the class and dawdled with thousands questions whirling in her brain. Suddenly, a hard someone’s crash hit her left hand, but none of she needed to be said in her defense.
“Oh, sorry I am in hurry!” he apologized.                                                                              
She tried to smile, though seemed cross of something he had done to her. With heavy step, she went closer the doorstep of the class, because it seemed had changed the next lesson. Before opening the door-handle, a piece of paper in the book swung by breezy wind outside, cancelled her steps to come into the class. Looked down and took over it on the floor she seated just now. The worst thing won’t be repeated initially, so that she hurried to grasp it and strode to the class.
          Next day………??? 

·       Why is Marry very curious about a dark blue coat guy?
·       Guess what will be happened with Marry and the guy?
It will be continued……………



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