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Jumat, 09 November 2012

Contoh Surat Rekomendasi Beasiswa

Metro, October 21, 2012

To  whom it may concern

Recommendation for Eka Pra Setyawati, applicant for Global Undergraduate Exchange Program 

            I am a vice dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty ( FKIP)  Muhammadiyah University of Metro Lampung Indonesia. I am responsible to supervise and control the development of academic bureau  within FKIP. I have never taught Eka Pra Setyawati; however, I  regularly get a formal report of all students who have outstanding achievement one of whom is Eka Pra Setyawati. Accordingly,  I am willing to give her a formal recommendation. This recommendation is based on a regular report about all students who have extra ordinary academic achievement reported from English Department, Technical Support Unit (TSU) Language Institute, Students Service Department, and Academic advisor.
            Eka is a five semester student who is currently taking some courses to reach 160 credits when she graduates.  She is more than an undergraduate student for she has good achievement in English proficiency and spoken and written skill more than those who are in last semester in general.  Her curiosity exceeds the average wants of even her friends. She was born and raised in a remote area of a less developed region in East Lampung, and in the environment  where discrimination, inequalities, as well as injustice happen. However, she can exhibit her utmost attempt, and always wants to get advanced in everything so that she can promote her people to be a good civil society. 
            She is now an assistant at Technical Support Unit (TSU) Language Institute in which she guides, supervises, and teaches sophomores with English program.  With all of these aspects, I believe Eka will be capable of handling any inquires she has prepared as she gets accepted at UGRAD program.
            Eka is interested in cross cultural situation, literature, gender equality and emancipation. For this reason, I do recommend her to get accepted at this program hoping that she will return back to re-promote some knowledge she gained in US, to make Indonesia better particularly in the field of education.
            Should you have any question, I can be reached at my email:   and my mobile : + 62 812 xxx xxxx

Vice Dean I,

Dr. Muhfahroyin, S.Pd., M.TA.
NIP : 19720523 199702 1 001  

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