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Jumat, 09 November 2012

My Article Writing

Future Dwelling
Eka Pra Setiyawati

Do you ever imagine the beautiful place to live? Every people has his or her own dream place to carry out themselves to the better life. Some housing have been built luxuriously and completely on a big city whose a sky-high rental price. But some people have other reasons to built their own house simply and comfortably on a small village whose a pretty view to see. And the latter one precisely belongs to my mind. I am eager to realize my future house as pretty as a palace and as suitable as my pocket. At the future, I will keep up living at my dream house whose not too big shape and luxurious, natural view, and kind surroundings.
An unluxurious house is not the uncomfortable house.
You may hang your walls with tapestry insread of whitewash or paper; or you may cover them with mosaic; or have them frescoed by a great painter: all this is not luxury, if it be done for beauty's sake, and not for show: it does not break our golden rule: Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful (Morris, 2012, Interior+design, p. 1).
This remember me to get a simple house but makes me as if in the castle of queen. Just with three bedrooms, a dining room, and a living room, already tightly held me spend my spare time in the house all day. Inside of my future house, I’ll put some furniture which become a complement of a beautiful house as usual. Just like a cupboard, a couch, wall accessories, and so forth. Although the shape and facilities of my future house are not as great as a castle of queen, nevertheless the cleanliness will equalize as over there. Definitely, not only me but also my friends will be attracted to step in my house due to those belongings that I’ve elaborated.
A green house will probably gives a heavy dose of atmosphere for its host even all guests who come in there. At front of my future house will be dressed up by a colourful flower park as charming as Keukenhof, the terrific flower park in Holland. Hence, it will be filled by a variety of flowers whose sweet smelling. Their smile and fragrance will greet me when I get awake and open a window in the morning. And the birds come over the flowers which make me be proud of my marvelous house. Those are wonderful flowerings around my nice future place to live.
The pleasantness of human being who live in a house will be able to be measured by the affinity of surroundings.
As for me, as a social human being I need the splendid relationship with the next doors. Thus, it can bring me to give my hand all the time I can. So that the fellowship might raise in my neighbourhood which more complete the beauty of my future house.

In summary, I always dream my future house should be : first, it is as nice as a castle but not larger than a real castle in a fairy tales. It should be clean all the time in order many friends come closer to there. Second, it probably wraps me up with the fresh air from the green plants around the house. Something just like flowers whose nice fragrance which able to attract the flying birds. Third, a  good neighbourhood is another complement of the beautiful house in my dream. In conclusion, my charming future house must possess three kinds of things : simplicity, flowering, and surroundings.


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