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Sabtu, 17 November 2012

My Personal Narrative Essay

No Greatest Without Worst
Eka Pra Setiyawati

“Study, Support, and Struggle” is a short memorable term of education which has relation each other. Precisely, it belongs to people whose a hard desire for getting a great deal of great achievement. Most people offer themselves to catch what they mean time and time again, nevertheless the goals have not been pursued due to some risk as common. Same boat as me, I have a flashing light in my mind getting the highest reach being accompanied by some barriers which form me to give up, force me to back up, and forbid me to go up.
An achievement might have no deep meaning without studying hard. Hornby (1995:1187) states that studying is the activity of learning or gaining knowledge or such activity as pursued by a particular person. Most experts in all of the terms got their result by studying the theories first, hence they got the theories to apply as a result form of study. It means that studying will break someone’s mind to get the right way of getting the achievement. When being green, I was forced to study hard everytime on my spare time. No game, television, and hanging out for several time just for studying. It hardly release my childhood at that time, but I just closed my grumble front of my parents. Perhaps, that would be the only way getting the discipline at that time, now, and future.
Someone will live without fear if they have a lot of supporting condition around him or her. Hornby (1995:1200) defines support is a help or encouragement given to someone”. When I said that I’ll never let my chance, either my parents or other people closed to me and stood on me saying “sounds great”. However, they never considered what is my eagerness actually. Nevertheless, a smile became a glum by the time they knew my goal of education. Knowing that condition , really it was a shocking surprise came closer to me which broke my aspiration down. Briefly, a support is a kind of education’s series whose the gigantic role inside of it.
Studying and support have not been complete without a struggle. Hornby (1995:1186) states that struggle means a very hard attempt to do or achieve a difficult something which has been a goal of achievement. It supplies a series of getting an achievement of education normally. I am a student whose typical failed in reaching the aspiration based on my history of education. Facing that failure, no word I can say without stuggle over and over as my recovery from my illness. Hoping a good destination will be on me at the future, eventhough I am in a doubt to step, struggling is the first put on my feet. Now I am reaching and hoping no more failure in my history of education by struggling hard. All in all, education without struggling is lame.
In short, a cronological of reaching a great achievement is able to study hard, get a support, and try to stuggle. Those parts of education can be matched as a result of what is our eagerness. As for me, after I was accustomed to study at the spare time and get the support though find some risk, I do hope with my struggle I can pursue my great aspiration later on.

Hornby, A S. (1995). Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary of current English. Great Britain : Oxford University Press.

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